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The Indy Equity Collaborative is a consulting and coaching firm focused on supporting meaningful antiracism and antibias work by engaging in sustained partnerships with schools and organizations who are seeking system level diversity, equity, and inclusion solutions and also need support and training for staff or ground-level systems.

Who We Are

Organization: The Indy Equity Collaborative supports non-profit, for-profit organizations, and educational institutions as they endeavor to become more diverse, equitable and inclusive places of work and impact. Whether you’re just starting out on your diversity, equity, and inclusion journey or simply need some help fine-tuning your organizational initiatives, we are here to support you along the way. We know that transformative change is possible, and it starts with individuals and leaders. In the wake of a global movement for racial justice, Indy Equity provides the tools and expertise needed to help individuals and organizations look inward and align internal organizational culture with the mission and values required to serve their diverse communities. Indy Equity wishes to partner with leadership teams that are committed to engage in and willing to be held accountable for an organizational change process to develop more diverse, equitable, and inclusive organizations. Anti-bias trainings won’t work if they aren’t part of a larger strategic plan, supported and led by internal leadership, to ensure the work continues year after year.

The Four C’s: We seek to live into these values and coach them with our partners.


We tirelessly strive to center and recenter the humanity of others. So much of our work is not about who is right or wrong but rather, how to stop the harm being done to our fellow humans. Being able to recognize what harms another requires us to simply see their humanity and take that into account for every decision we make. We also practice radical self-compassion. Taking care of ourselves is an act of self-preservation, not of self-indulgence, as Audre Lorde taught us, and that will be necessary in the long road to liberation.


Our goal is to build and maintain our community together and make our communities’ problems our problems and solve them together.


It is vital that we address the issues of inequity that affect our daily lives, our schools, and our places of work. Having conversations around race, sexual orientation, religion, gender identity, ability or many other marginalizing factors can be paralyzing for some. But it doesn’t have to be. Learning to grapple with dialogue that makes us uncomfortable, yet having the tools and the confidence to push through to solutions can lead to truly inclusive environments and equitable outcomes.


Our understanding of a situation is never final. We are always learning about people and the systems that affect us. We ask questions continuously.

Our Guiding Definitions

We center racial justice. Issues around race and white supremacy need to be confronted directly. Our philosophy and training focus on recognizing, responding, and redressing racial inequities and creating / sustaining cultures of equity and inclusion for the BIPOC community. That being said, becoming literate around issues of racial equity builds capacity around redressing all social and intersectional inequities.




Our Founder

Nicole Carey, the visionary force behind the Indy Equity Collaborative, is a business strategist, social science researcher, leadership coach, and unyielding advocate for intersectional justice. Through her founding of IEC, Nicole passionately pursues the mission of dismantling the obstacles that hinder inclusive and equitable cultures within all organizations like schools, nonprofits, and workplaces, ensuring the empowerment of all minoritized individuals. While acknowledging the complexity of this endeavor, she remains steadfast in her belief that collective community effort can overcome any challenge. In her role as  consultant, she devises comprehensive solutions for intricate systemic issues alongside equity-driven leaders. As a coach, Nicole leverages intimate one-on-one connections to amplify individuals’ joy, strengths, and unique capacities, cultivating a ripple effect of inclusivity and equity in culture. An avid visionary, she envisions transformed spaces and workplaces—safe havens of creativity and affirmation—for all Black and Brown communities. Before her venture with Indy Equity, Nicole helmed Anda Spanish as its CEO, pioneering a culturally responsive curriculum to introduce language to young learners who may not otherwise encounter it until high school. Drawing from her own language-rich upbringing, she fervently champions language justice today. Nicole’s educational journey saw her thrive at Indiana University for her undergraduate studies, and now, she embarks on a pursuit of a doctorate in American Studies, where her focus centers on race, equity, and coalition. Amidst her roles and accomplishments, she resides in Indianapolis with her husband Chris and five young children, concurrently serving as an elected School Board Commissioner for Indianapolis Public Schools District 5 from January 2023 to December 2026.

Our Team

Lisa Pryor has dedicated her entire career to creating safe spaces for all people. Prior to her work as a DEI consultant with Indy Equity Collaborative, Lisa educated and coached over 1,200 students from 3 years old to seniors in high school. While she served as the Dean of
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at a private school in the midwest, she challenged herself and the entire community to work towards shaping a space where everyone felt a sense of belonging. Lisa passionately pursues her dream of creating spaces in which all people feel seen, known, understood, and loved through her consultant work and as a peak
performance coach for the mind, heart, and soul.

Carrie Cooper is an accomplished and passionate individual whose journey has led her to explore the intersections of art, community, leadership, and social justice. She has deep expertise in qualitative research, visual fine arts, leadership development, cultural anthropology, and creative writing. Carrie recognizes the power of art in facilitating conversations and evoking emotions, appreciating the significance of storytelling and its ability to invoke recognition of our shared humanity. She perceives communities as intricate ecosystems, valuing the vital role of each member and actively seeking ways to bring them together. She is a talented creative writer and editor, passionate about crafting compelling narratives and refining ideas. Carrie enthusiastically embraces great ideas, championing diverse perspectives, offering her expertise, and fostering collaborative creativity to unite communities. Carrie’s commitment to social justice fuels her exploration into power dynamics and the barriers that hinder human-centered organizations, as she believes that addressing systemic injustices can lead to positive change. All this and more makes her a unique and invaluable asset to the Indy Equity team.

Meet Tia Swain: A seasoned professional with exceptional communication and interpersonal skills. With a rich tapestry of cross-cultural experiences, she effortlessly adapts to diverse environments, wielding her creativity as a sharp problem-solving tool.

Tia’s years of dedication to education—including years in public high school classrooms—and leadership development have culminated in a unique talent for curriculum design, accentuating rigor, literacy, socioemotional health, and diversity. Varied experiences in nonprofit, community, workforce, and international development, as well as in financial services, have sharpened Tia’s strengths in developing targeted and effective marketing materials.

With influence that resonates globally, Tia showcases her dynamic adaptability through her involvement in planning and hosting engaging workshops and seminars in international and virtual spheres. A lifelong learner, Tia’s passion for both personal growth and teaching creates an inspirational synergy, solidifying her as an outstanding educator and community leader who invests in the holistic well-being of others.

Tia grew up in various neighborhoods in Southern California and has found home in several places since – North Carolina, South Africa, Florida, Indiana, and currently, Ghana, West Africa. Exploring, learning, and sharing are among her favorite things to do – especially when good food, loving people, and travel are involved. Tia lives in Accra with her husband, Tim, and their little warrior, Tohaji.

“If somehow, we all could just truly learn to see and center the humanity in every person, in every situation, every day, we could radically transform the world. Together, we can make this thing better.”

-Nicole Carey


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